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Vickie Griffith


Sleeping Soundly


Your mind is very powerful and will assist you with this Self Hypnosis CD to develop the
habit of a restful, peaceful, regenerative, deep sleep receiving all of the benefits of
sleeping soundly without any side effects. Awaken in the morning feeling refreshed and invigorated. 

BreakThrough’s Self Hypnosis CDs contain soothing, relaxing music encoded with brain
entrainment technologies, visualization, and hypnosis.

This cutting-edge technology takes advantage of the amazing entrainment process to
synchronize your brainwaves, helping you to relax, build confidence,
sleep soundly, enhance concentration, lose weight, reduce pain and much more.

Alone, any one of these technologies has shown proven results.  With this powerful combination
of methods you can consistently realize incredible potential to change and heal.

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