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Vickie Griffith

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Feeling overwhelmed?  Anxious? Stressed? Hypnosis and relaxation are interchangeable. Gain control
over the pressure and strain of life and/or your career by relaxing mentally, physically and emotionally
with a 15-minute break. 

Your mind and body will feel peaceful, calm, and relaxed while you are
increasing your memory recall, concentration, creativity—and discovering a renewed source of energy.
Start your day feeling calm and relaxed, unwind from a long day or re-energize from a mid-day break.


BreakThrough’s Self Hypnosis CDs contain soothing, relaxing music encoded with brain
entrainment technologies, visualization, and hypnosis.
This cutting-edge technology takes advantage of the amazing entrainment process to
synchronize your brainwaves, helping you to relax, build confidence,
sleep soundly, enhance concentration, lose weight, reduce pain and much more.

Alone, any one of these technologies has shown proven results.  With this powerful combination
of methods you can consistently realize incredible potential to change and heal.

To your health, peace and promise
Sending Love,

Vickie Griffith

Hypnotist, EFT (Tapping), Speaker
Author of the Amazon Best Selling Book
Stucked Up! A BreakThrough Path to Unstuck


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The information and instruction provided by BreakThrough and/or Vickie Griffith on this Self Hypnosis recording is for educational purposed and general information. The information provided is not intended to replace the advice of physician or any other health care practitioners. These techniques and procedures are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.  Contact a physician before attempting to make any health related changes. Any results or consequences that occur are the responsibility of the listener.
Driving or operating any machinery while listening to this recording is NOT appropriate due to the relaxing nature.




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