NOVEMBER 5th 10am and 7pm

New Book - Everything-Nothing-compressed

" You Can Be Right About Everything and Still Have Nothing. How To Give Up The Need To Be Right and Get What You Want."

Vickie Griffith New Book November 2020
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You're a hater! You hate being fat. You hate your income. You hate that  you're not the boss. You hate that you can't build your business. You hate your relationship  with your spouse. And you may even hate God. You daydream about the day you wake up and  kiss a loved one good morning, feel good in a thinner body, enjoy going to work, walk into your  successful business or feel close and Loved by God. Yet, you are stressed out, worried,  exhausted, and feel overwhelmed. You’re trapped on a hamster wheel of doubt, confusion and  loneliness. You tired of working hard to get your dream but nothing has changed. Vickie teaches  you why you get in your way to get what you want.