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Book now info too...Beyond Sales Training. The Inside Guide to Building a Consistent Profitable Business  
Don’t go to another sales training program until you have attended this workshop.  
You are told to, “Just do it. Work harder. You must not be working it right.” So, you work harder, put in longer hours and it still is not working.  Changing your behavior by just deciding to do it differently or learning a new way to sell, will not work!   
Every choice you make about growing your business is based on a decision you made about yourself at a young age.  You think you have disregarded it, forgotten it but it still haunts you. It shows up in the “not’s”, not going to networking events, not attracting clients, not making phone reach outs, not gaining prospects trust and not making sales.   
Until you understand your brain, how the body is reacting and how to change the mind to work for you instead of against you. 
In this workshop you will: 
…discover how your brain and mind is sabotaging your efforts 
…learn how to make the change quickly and with ease  
…realize a new way to support growing your business  

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